All About Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Choosing the right patio or outdoor furniture doesn’t merely involve buying a good-looking patio set. With the prices of such furniture on the rise, it’s very important to choose a set that would last long as well as maintain its good looks.

Besides wood, patio or outdoor furniture can be made from materials like plastic and metal. The plastic-made patio furniture is 100 percent weather resistant and the resin-based ones are cool during the summer months. The resin-based outdoor furniture can also be molded for resembling wood or wicker. They usually contain several chemicals like polypropylene and polyethylene and additives like fire retardants, fungicides, foaming agents etc.

Outdoor or patio furniture, these days, is often made from iron. The longevity and strength of the furniture are its notable features. However, because iron is heavy, it’s difficult to move such furniture from one place to another. Moreover, iron furniture is also prone to rust and corrosion.

Despite the advent of other materials, wood still remains the first choice for making patio and outdoor furniture. Following are some of the most common woods used for making patio furniture.

Pressure-treated Lumber

Any wood that has been soaked in appropriate chemicals under high pressure is known as pressure-treated lumber. The pressurization is used for ensuring that the chemicals penetrated the core of the wood. The chemicals make the wood water and insect resistant. However, these chemicals often lead to a quick corrosion of the screws, bolts and nails used to join the furniture.


Compared to others, redwood is a relatively softwood derived from the California Sequoia tree. It’s used for making outdoor and patio furniture mainly because it naturally resists decay and holds well under all-weather conditions. The wood, however, tends to fade under sunlight. Moreover, the soft nature of the wood also makes it prone to scratches and dents.


Teak is a popular wood used for manufacturing patio and outdoor furniture because it is naturally insect and water-resistant and doesn’t require any chemical treatment. It’s very hard and performs well for ages. Spills like suntan lotion and other chemicals also don’t affect the quality of the furniture. Teak outdoor furniture mostly comes in a honey-brown natural color and doesn’t require any paint or stain. As the wood ages, it turns into a beautiful grayish color but the natural color can be revived by a light sanding.

The best quality patio and outdoor furniture is manufactured from top-class teak that doesn’t have any defects or knots. The teak benches found in the House of Commons at London have been in continuous services for over seven decades and that speaks of the durability

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